Opera 12.10 Beta 1

โปรแกรมบราวเซอร์ Opera 12.10 Beta 1 (Build 1615)

Browser Operaเวอร์ชั่นล่าสุด เป็นการรีวีวโปรแกรมและการดาว์นโหลดOpera 12.10

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Opera 12.10 Beta 1 Browser for Windows and Mac. I will be giving you my first impressions/look and thoughts of the browser use there really attractive interface and lightning fast speed, Opera is one of the best browsers out there. It has some really intuitive features such as Opera Turbo, which will speed up your internet  considerably if you have a slow connection.

คุณสมบัติโดยทั่วไปของOpera 12.10

– Speed Dial: Speed boosts You tell me

– Important part of the URL is bolded to protect against fraudulent sites etc.

– Search Shortcuts: Faster search – type your queries directly into the address bar.

– Trash Can: Instantly reopen recently closed tabs.

– Mouse Gestures: Onscreen mouse gesture help Opera 12.10 Beta 1 you can navigate the Web with your mouse.

– Opera Link: Synchronize data of your choice online, or among different computers and devices.

– Quick Find: Opera remembers not only the titles and addresses, but also the actual content of the Web pages you visit.

– Feed Preview: Preview a Feed by clicking on the feed icon, and you will see it in clean and efficient multiple-column layout.

– Quick and customizable Web search: Get quick access to Google, eBay, Amazon and more with the search field in the upper right corner.