Firefox 17.0 Beta 2

Firefoxเวอร์ชั่นล่าสุด 17.0 เบต้า 2 นี้มีการปรับปรุงไฟฟอกล่าสุดของโปรแกรม

Mozilla Firefox 17 beta2  What can we expect in the next release of Firefox.


Firefox 17.0 always has the search and URL bar separate. Firefox  provide the best possible browsing experience on the Web. The new Firefox smart location bar, affectionately known as the “Awesome Bar,” learns as people use it, adapting to user preferences and offering It’s one of the reasons i use Firefox17  instead of Chrome. firefox  should just please everybody by letting you choose which way you want it, 2 bars or 1. personally like it as 2 separate bars. Its cleaner and more organized in Firefox 17.0 Beta 2 and search box is more for people who want two different search options with quick access? They are both chrome by default but you can set the other
search box with search plugins for damn near any site imaginable.